Unlocking the Freedom of RV Adventures: Towing Your Car with Confidence

Embarking on an RV journey opens up a world of possibilities, but maneuvering your motorhome through narrow streets or finding parking can be challenging. Towing your car along offers the freedom to explore with ease. Discover how to tow your car confidently and conveniently, whether you choose the simplicity of flat towing, the flexibility of a tow dolly, or the security of a flatbed trailer.


Flat Towing: Simplified and Safe

Towing your car with all four wheels on the ground is a popular and safe method. A base plate attached to your car’s chassis and a tow bar connected to your motorhome create a secure link. Joining a motorhome club can unveil opportunities to acquire fully equipped rides at advantageous deals from fellow enthusiasts.


Tow Dolly: A Flexible Solution

For those leasing their vehicles or avoiding modifications, a tow dolly becomes a practical choice. This small two-wheel trailer, equipped with electric brakes, lifts the front driving wheels off the ground. Its adaptability allows you to switch towed vehicles easily, making it a versatile option for changing RVs.


Flatbed Trailer: Ideal for Special Cargo

Race car drivers and owners of classic cars often opt for a tandem axle flatbed trailer. With all four wheels elevated, this method ensures extra security. Aluminum trailers, both open and enclosed, cater to varying needs, offering a reliable solution for transporting precious cargo.


Essential Brake Controls

Enhance safety by installing an auxiliary braking system in your towed vehicle. This not only meets legal requirements but also significantly reduces stopping distances, providing added peace of mind. Ensure compliance with Canadian regulations, including a break-away system for emergencies.


Illuminate the Journey: Lighting the Towed Vehicle

Legalities demand proper illumination for your towed vehicle. Modern wiring kits simplify this process, eliminating the need for complex diode installations. Explore different options such as magnetic light bars or innovative wiring harnesses that seamlessly connect your motorhome to your car’s lighting system.


Mastering Maneuvers with a Towed Vehicle

While a motorhome and flatbed trailer combination allows backing up, tow dolly or tow bar systems prohibit this maneuver. Plan routes carefully, and if needed, unhook the towed vehicle before backing up. Quick-release systems, like tow bars, streamline the process, making it efficient and stress-free.


Transmission Considerations: Smooth Towing

Understanding your car’s transmission is crucial. Most automatic transmission cars can be flat-towed, but attention is required for lubrication methods. Manual transmission vehicles and specific automatic transmission cars with proper lubrication can be towed effortlessly, offering flexibility for your preferred towing setup.


Explore Freedom: Bring Your Car Along

Having your car in tow enhances the joy of RV adventures. Navigating small towns, enjoying meals at local restaurants, and simplifying parking become stress-free. Join the community of passionate campers at E3 Camping, where empowerment, inspiration, and a shared love for aviation unite. Your RV adventures await – tow with confidence and embrace the freedom to explore!