Unlock Your Adventure: Carrying a Motorcycle on Your Motorhome

In our journey from traditional living to the boundless possibilities of the mobile lifestyle, our passion for motorcycles stayed unwavering. Riding since childhood, I embraced diverse bikes, from cruisers to adventure tourers. A coast-to-coast motorcycle trip in 2014 sealed my love for travel and sparked a quest to integrate our beloved motorcycle into our RV adventures. Over five years in our diesel pusher, carrying our 800lb+ BMW R1200GS Adventure Motorcycle has proven to be one of our best decisions. Here’s our guide to bringing your motorcycle on your RV adventure.


Define Your Requirements:

Before diving into options, assess your unique needs based on your RV type, towing capacity, and budget. We prioritized compatibility, towing support for our Jeep Wrangler, high lift capacity, serviceability, removability, safety, and value. This thoughtful approach led us to solutions designed for Class A motorhomes or heavy 5th wheels.


Our Solution:

After meticulous research, two standout companies, Hydralift and Cruiserlift, emerged. While Hydralift offered top-tier hydraulic lifting, we opted for Cruiserlift – a cost-effective, removable, and easily serviceable choice. The decision aligned with our commitment to safety and functionality.


Installation & Removal Process:

Minor modifications are typical for any motorcycle lift option. Our Entegra Aspire required a 3-point hitch system, necessitating a 6-hour installation by a recommended welding shop. The additional cost for this process, around $1000 to $1500, is an investment in seamless integration. The removal process’s simplicity is crucial for potential resale, enhancing the appeal for second-hand buyers.


Drive Characteristics:

The mounted motorcycle doesn’t significantly alter driving dynamics. While a tag-axle motorhome is preferable, the added weight at the rear is manageable. Minor bouncing on bumps is normal, quickly self-correcting. Regular checks with quality tie-down straps ensure a smooth journey.


Will You Void Your Warranty?

Individual warranty processes vary, so consult your manufacturer. In our case, both Entegra and Spartan seamlessly serviced our motorhome under warranty, displaying no concerns related to the lift.


Length Considerations:

Adding a motorcycle lift typically extends your motorhome’s length by approximately 5 feet. Be mindful of total length restrictions on U.S roads and interstates when selecting your RV, tow vehicle, and lift manufacturer.


What if I don’t have a diesel pusher?

Lift manufacturers continually innovate, offering solutions for gas coaches, fifth wheels, and coaches without air suspension systems. Explore options tailored to your needs, with some incorporating a 3rd wheel to ease hitch pressure, allowing smaller motorhomes to carry larger loads.

Embark on a journey where every mile is an adventure waiting to unfold. Join E3 Camping’s community of passionate campers and motorcycle enthusiasts, as we empower you to carry the spirit of freedom on your RV. Your motorcycle, your motorhome – an inseparable duo on the road to unforgettable experiences.