Revitalize Your RV Adventure: TLC for Your Roof AC

In the realm of RV exploration, the journey may throw a few surprises our way. The hazards of the open road sometimes manifest as wear and tear on our rooftop accessories—whether it’s the gusty winds challenging us, the relentless exposure to the sun’s UV rays, low-hanging branches at a scenic campsite, or the inevitable effects of time.

During one of our summer escapades at E3 Camping, the Taylor Publishing Group encountered a setback: the shroud for our rooftop AC unit on the Poker Run Special Event trailer went missing. Given the trailer’s vintage from the late 1990s, finding an OEM replacement seemed unlikely. That’s when we turned to the ultimate source for replacement injected molded parts, Icon Direct, based in Winkler, Manitoba.

For our Dometic/Penguin AC model dating back to the late 1990s, Icon Direct became our go-to solution when an OEM replacement was not an option. Their expert team swiftly shipped the replacement within days, rescuing our adventure from a potential hiccup.

Icon Direct, a leading aftermarket supplier, offers a diverse array of replacement parts for RV products, from fender skirts to wind deflectors, AC shrouds, skylights, holding tanks, and custom-designed components. Their commitment to excellence is evident through thermoforming and rotational molding technologies, ensuring top-notch quality for replacement and enhancement products, surpassing or matching original parts.

Having previously experienced the outstanding fit and finish of Icon Direct’s replacement fender skirts, the decision to check their website for a replacement AC shroud was a no-brainer when we faced our recent challenge. A quick call to their customer service confirmed the required part, and the new shroud arrived promptly.

The replacement process was a breeze. With a ladder, power screwdriver, and the new shroud in hand, we tackled the task. Surprisingly, it took just about 10 minutes to install the Icon Direct AC shroud. The fit was seamless, aligning perfectly with the original holes in the sheet metal. While the customer service team had mentioned the possibility of drilling new holes if needed, our experience demonstrated the ease of installation without any extra steps.

When working on the roof of your trailer, the key is to move carefully—adhering to the “safety first” credo. Having an assistant to spot you as you ascend and descend the ladder ensures a secure installation process.

In a matter of minutes, our RV was equipped with a brand-new AC shroud, and we were ready to hit the road again. At E3 Camping, we understand that these unexpected hiccups are part of the journey, and with the right partners like Icon Direct, every adventure becomes an opportunity for revitalization.

Join our community of passionate campers at E3 Camping, where we embrace the spirit of empowerment, aspiration, and shared enthusiasm for aviation. Your RV adventures deserve the best, and Icon Direct is here to ensure they stay on course.