Empowering RV Travel: Navigating Firearm Safety on the Open Road

Admittedly, camping has never graced my calendar due to allergies and peculiar mishaps. Yet, the allure of the outdoors persists, leading me to ponder the possibilities of RV travel. For a nature enthusiast with a penchant for responsible firearm ownership, the journey involves more than campfire essentials.


Embracing Glamping: Luxurious Comforts in the Wild

While traditional camping eludes me, the prospect of “glamping” — blending wilderness solitude with home comforts — captures my imagination. In the realm of RV adventures, the call of the woods, mountains, and wild places is accompanied by a unique set of considerations for the responsibly armed American.


RV Planning Unveiled: Navigating Firearms on the Open Road

Embarking on an RV journey entails more than selecting campgrounds and fishing spots. The question arises: How do avid campers and gun owners handle firearms in their mobile homes when crossing state lines or venturing into state/national parks?


Insights from Road-Tested Campers

Darryl Glass, a seasoned traveler and Bama Carry member, shares insights gained from a life spent crisscrossing the nation. His experiences driving trucks with trailers, staying in hotels, and occasionally teaming up with friends in RVs reveal a strategic approach. Every trip, a meticulously planned mission, considering state reciprocity, firearm transportation laws, and nuanced definitions of “vehicle” or “habitation.”


Navigating Legal Terrain: RV Considerations for Firearm Owners

With the unpredictability of unknown territories, many RVers opt for defensive measures, including firearms, Tasers, and sprays. A critical question arises: What are the legal rights regarding weapons possession and concealment in an RV?


Understanding Legal Rights on the Open Road

Transporting firearms across state lines mirrors the rules for any vehicle. The Gun Control Act of 1968 allows carrying a firearm across state lines, with exceptions, provided it remains unloaded and stored securely. The emphasis is on a locked compartment, separate from ammunition, in the rear of the RV. For those with concealed carry permits, reciprocity is a key consideration, potentially allowing firearm accessibility within legal bounds.

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