Elevating Your RV Adventure: Achieving Water Purity for Every Purpose

Clean water stands as the lifeblood of every passionate RV enthusiast. No adventurer in their right mind would embark on a journey without the assurance of pristine water onboard – a fundamental necessity rivaled only by keys and a full tank of gas. However, the definition of “clean” varies depending on its purpose, sparking a crucial question in the hearts of campers: How clean is clean enough?

In our vibrant community of E3 Campers, we understand that water purity is not a one-size-fits-all concept. From drinking to cooking and showering, each use demands a tailored approach to ensure a seamless camping experience. Let’s explore the levels of protection that align with the unique needs of our community.


No Protection (No Filtration Used):

– RV’ers are at the mercy of the campground for water quality.

– Risk of poor-quality water with taste, odor, and potential health concerns.

– RV faces risks of sediment buildup in pipes, water heater, and other systems.

– Bottled water becomes a costly and inconvenient alternative.

– Potential for sink/toilet staining from rust and sediments.


Some Protection (Inline Granular Filter Only):

– Improves color and odor with some enhancement in taste.

– Partial sediment removal for RV protection.

– Reduction in staining.

– Enhanced water quality for showering/rinsing, but bottled water is still recommended for drinking.


Some Protection (“Point of Use” Only):

– Achieves drinking water quality at specific faucets with filters.

– No improvement for showering or rinsing without additional filters.

– RV still at risk for sediment buildup.

– Potential for sink/toilet staining from rust and sediments.


Full Protection (1 Micron Inline or Canister System with Below 5 Micron/Carbon Filtration):

– High water quality for all purposes – drinking, showering, rinsing.

– RV protected from sediment issues in pipes, water heater, and other systems.

– Eliminates staining.



– Use inline granular as the primary filter for the entire RV to enhance overall water quality.

– Employ a point-of-use system at the faucet for drinking water, ensuring compliance with high-quality standards.


In our passionate community, the choice for full protection aligns with our commitment to an empowering camping experience. However, each member must assess the best method based on their unique usage, whether part-time or full-time RV’ers, considering different water-quality needs and acceptance levels.

While opting for no protection is not advisable, it’s crucial to note that even the most inferior-quality inline filter captures elements you’re better off without. As E3 Campers, we share a common goal – to enjoy the cleanest water possible. The real question becomes: How clean do you want or need it to be? Join us in crafting unforgettable camping experiences with water that mirrors our passion for the great outdoors.