Elevate Your RV Kitchen Experience: Smart Ideas, Tips & Hacks

Cooking up a storm in your RV kitchen can be a delightful challenge given the limited space. For us, Seana and me, it’s a fun game, especially when whipping up healthy meals in the tight quarters of our 23-foot hybrid trailer. Joining the quest for the perfect gadgets, here’s a virtual shopping spree to enhance your RV-cooking game with space-saving and efficiency-expanding tips.


Maximize RV Counter Space

Counter space is a premium commodity in any RV kitchen. Make the most of it by adding a sink cover or a stovetop cover. These simple additions instantly create additional prep area. We recently upgraded to a cutting-board-style stove cover, doubling our counter space with ease. For more strategic space, consider installing a foldable counter extension like Camco’s oak-finished option, adding a foot or more to your galley.


Smart RV Storage Solutions

Efficient storage is crucial for RV living. Utilize sliding baskets in deep pantry cubbies and sliding wire shelves in easy-to-see cabinets. Tension rods come in handy to prevent items from falling out during transit, ensuring a tidy kitchen setup. Organize spices with stackable racks or get creative with DIY solutions like attaching a spice rack to the pantry door using 3M Command hooks.


Collapsible Gadgets for Efficiency

Collapsible kitchen gadgets are a game-changer for RV kitchens. From salad spinners to measuring cups and bowls, these space-saving wonders are less bulky and ideal for compact spaces. Invest in nesting cookware sets, like the Magma seven-piece nesting set, which provides professional-grade pots and pans in a minimal footprint.


Multipurpose Gadgets for Versatility

Opt for gadgets that serve multiple functions, such as handheld immersion blenders. These compact appliances with various attachments for blending, chopping, and whisking are perfect for RV kitchens. Multicookers, like Instant Pot, offer a range of functionalities in one appliance, making them a valuable addition to any RV kitchen.


Indulge in RV Coffee Culture

For coffee enthusiasts, maintaining your coffee routine is a must. If you prefer drip coffee, invest in a programmable 12-cup coffee maker. Stovetop percolators or manual-press coffee makers like AeroPress are great for quick and delicious coffee. Regardless of your preference, ensure you have a compact, airtight container for storing coffee beans.


Cast-Iron Cooking for Versatility

Despite their weight, cast-iron cookware adds versatility to RV kitchens. A cast-iron griddle is perfect for a variety of recipes, while a Dutch oven opens up possibilities for soups, stews, and even desserts. Cast-iron cooking can extend to the campfire, offering an outdoor culinary experience.


With these savvy tips and hacks, the Dawsons and Piersons are enjoying enhanced RV kitchen experiences, cooking up a storm more efficiently than ever. Join the community of empowered RV enthusiasts at E3 Camping and elevate your on-the-road culinary adventures!