Elevate Your Campsite Experience: 12 Steps to RV Setup Bliss

Embark on a seamless camping adventure with E3 Camping’s expert-approved guide on setting up your motorhome in 12 easy steps. Whether you’re a seasoned camper with specific rituals or a newbie looking for guidance, our empowering tips ensure a hassle-free experience. Plus, stay tuned for a bonus checklist on Leaving the RV Siteā€”it may be twice as long, but we promise it’s worth it (who said goodbyes can’t be fun?).


12 Steps for Setting Up Camp


  1. Disconnect dinghy vehicle and stow equipment.
  2. Unlock slideout travel locks (if equipped).
  3. Extend slideout rooms after leveling the motorhome.
  4. Set the electric step to the extended off position.
  5. Shut off the engine.
  6. Plug the AC cord into power.
  7. Connect the sewer hose.
  8. Attach the water pressure regulator, water hose, and water filter.
  9. Open water faucets, showerhead, and toilet to remove air in lines.
  10. Hook up satellite or cable TV.
  11. Turn on the water heater.
  12. Get comfy and enjoy the camping bliss!


Leaving the RV Site


  1. Check the roof and top of slideouts/slideout toppers for large debris.
  2. Retract awnings.
  3. Stow patio items.
  4. Dump and flush holding tanks.
  5. Disconnect and rinse the sewer hose, stow properly.
  6. Disconnect the water-pressure regulator, water hose, and water filter.
  7. Disconnect cable TV and/or portable satellite antenna.
  8. Lower the broadcast TV antenna (if so equipped).
  9. Turn off the TV antenna booster.
  10. Secure refrigerator items and lock door(s).
  11. Close roof vents without covers.
  12. Clear items in the way of slideouts.
  13. Start the engine.
  14. Check the interior for any items that may need to be stowed away.
  15. Retract slideout rooms and lock (if so equipped).
  16. Retract leveling jacks.
  17. Set the electric step to the on position.
  18. Turn off the water heater.
  19. Confirm proper air pressure (diesel pushers).
  20. Check tire pressure.
  21. Check clearance, tail, and signal lights.
  22. Connect the dinghy vehicle in a safe place.
  23. Check dinghy brake operation and lights.
  24. Make plans for your next motorhome trip!


Elevate your camping experience with E3 Camping’s empowering setup and departure rituals. Happy camping!