Adventure Awaits: Unleashing the Joy of RV Travel with Kids

Embarking on the open road with little ones in tow is not just a journey; it’s a captivating experience that we at E3 Camping encourage wholeheartedly. As passionate campers ourselves, we understand the thrill of family RV adventures, and we’ve gleaned insights from years of traveling with our children and grandchildren.

Growing up surrounded by the comfort of an RV, I’ve witnessed the magic of RV travel from two perspectives. My parents introduced me to this lifestyle when I was a mere year old, and later, I, in turn, shared the joy of RVing with my own children. Some may hesitate, thinking it’s best to wait until children are a bit older, but we’ve found that RV travel with the youngest adventurers is not only possible but remarkably easy.

Traveling with your home on wheels means clean restrooms and convenient changing areas are always within reach. No need to worry about airplane logistics or maneuvering through hotel rooms; RV travel simplifies the journey with young children.

During long travel days, our family often made delightful stops at quiet parks, school yards, or charming provincial/state parks. Flexibility is key, as sometimes the most remarkable places are stumbled upon unexpectedly. Take, for example, a small town on the north shore of Lake Michigan, where we discovered a beautiful park with a wooden fort named “Kids Kingdom.” A spontaneous afternoon filled with laughter ensued, creating lasting memories.

In an era where screens dominate, we opted for a screen-free approach during our travels. Electronics were not as common when my kids were young, and I wanted vacation time to be a break from screens. Car trips became a platform for open conversations and shared experiences that are often hard to come by elsewhere.

There’s a unique magic in a car trip that encourages kids to talk about things beyond their daily routine. Historical markers, scenic lookouts, and interesting facts about the places we visited sparked engaging conversations. On one trip to British Columbia, we delved into two volumes of Harry Potter, while a journey to California became a Sherlock Holmes adventure from start to finish.

Before the era of GPS, I taught my kids to read maps, fostering excellent navigators. If the familiar question, “Are we there yet?” arose, I handed them the map, encouraging them to figure it out—an effective technique that added an interactive element to the journey.

As our kids grew older, they took charge of planning our trips, keeping them engaged and excited about the destinations. This involvement continued well into their 20s, with some family excursions seeing them bring their own RVs. The flexible schedule we adopted allowed us to explore unexpected opportunities. While reservations in high-demand areas can be made, the freedom to change plans on a whim ensures a journey filled with serendipity.

Bringing friends along on the RV adventure added a delightful dimension. Staying in an RV park provided a safe and controlled environment, allowing kids to have more freedom than in other settings. The RV park became a space where friendships deepened, and laughter echoed freely.

Grandparents, too, can create unforgettable memories with grandchildren by bringing them along. Some customers have shared the joy of taking two young cousins on their trips, fostering a bond without the typical sibling rivalry.

In conclusion, these are the insights and experiences that have enriched our RV journeys. We invite you to follow our lead, tailor these ideas to your family dynamics, and embark on a summer trip filled with joy, laughter, and adventure!